Our story takes place in the Soviet Union in 1973 in Zabaykalsky Krai, and a war is being fought between the Gods and the Titans. It is a time of economic stagnation in Russia, and to make matters worse the Titans have escaped from their prison in the underworld. Once the Gods, who were originally titan spawn, were powerful enough to defeat them and lock them away, but back then it was easy. The Titans had no sense of common goals, they were non-thinking elements of raw natural power. Now after having broken free, they are united by their hatred of the Gods, and as it often happens the old must make way for the new. That is where you come in.


Zabaykalsky Krai



Lake Arakhley

Closed City


“No point in being part of History if you are too ignorant to understand it” – Caius Cosades

Primordial Times

Recent History


The Vagaries of Unity Drokles