Notes and Letters

Excerpt from experimental report

Concluding remark: Because of the expected power consumption, we expect a power outage in the majority of the city. Postponing the experiment until a more accurate power-budget can be established is therefore recommended.

Notes from conference room

The new acces cards with updated codes will be handed out today at 15:30. Make sure that those who have not been authorized a new card are not staying hereafter. If some of the cards that have been produced are not going to be handed out, be sure to destroy them.


A journal of a sort in the locker room on the ground floor of the Facility contained the following.

Another inspiring talk was held by our Leader this afternoon. Again the topic was unity in scientific communities. Dr. Poliakoff has truly turned this intitute into a nice place. His openness towards everyeone here binds as a tightly knit group. He always encourages us to imagine what our colleagues think, which of course only works when everyone does it, but that is indeed what all of us do! – almost all of us.
It is strange to think how effecient a unit we have become. It really is almost as if I know what my colleagues think. I mean, really know it from somewhere, they don’t even need to be in the same room as me. I don’t know how I found out, but I knew what my new door code was before it was given to me by Dr. Fedorov. I also know that Pesjkov’s new code is 4771. Not that I in any way have tried to

The note ends there. A pen is left next to the journal.

Letter to Magda

Dear Magda

I don’t think they will let me stay here much longer. All this shit about thinking alike and working like a single unit seems almost religious, and they know I’m not buying it. Poliakoff seems completely sympathetic and like a brilliant researcher, but even more brilliant are his manipulating speeches. He has even managed to send away most of the researchers here – even Irik Chuuduk – and at the same time convince us that we’re an even more tightly knit unit. He’s just weeding out people who he for whatever reason isn’t comfortable with.
I will probably be home again soon. Tel Lev that he can borrow the car for as long as he likes.


Note from Chuuduk

As I said when I gave you this note; whatever you do, make sure no one else sees this. Remember dr. Poliakoff’s private lab? I have proof now that it exists, but even better, I’ve found out how to get inside. However, at least two people are needed to pull this off. I know you’re technologically impaired so read carefully on how to do this! I made it as simple as possible
I hid a floppy disk in your drawer in the library, you know, those big black thin casette tape-like things that actually flop up and down when you wave them. Insert this into the terminal in the maintenance room (the one that has a key card reader). Boot it up (turn it on, i.e. press the big power button). It is very important that the floppy disk has been inserted when you boot up the terminal! Then follow the instructions on the screen. By the way, make sure you have a friend with you at this point and that both of you have your key cards on you. The on screen instructions will aid you in rewriting your key cards. It’s really a simple process, since there is no encryption on the cards. It was very easy for me to isolate the bit pattern that gives access to the lab, and I can’t help feeling dissapointed by our great leader and his apparently not so great knowledge of cryptography.
So, now that you’ve got your augmented access cards the two card readers near the doors on the opposite sides of the room can be used to gain access to the lab. Use the cards simultaneously (you have a 2 second delay, that’s why you need two people to gain access.) The first card you encoded should be used on the rightmost door (viewed from the terminal facing the opposite wall) and the second card should be used on the leftmost door.
There you go. As you know I wont be staying around much longer, and I don’t think I will be able to convince you to explore the lab with me while it’s still so crowded down there. Wait until only you and the rest of the gullible fanatics are left ;). I’m intrigued to hear what you find there after you decide to check it out – which you will – and we can discuss while finishing our game of chess (and the rest of the vodka).
Your friend and colleague
-Irik Chuuduk

Notes and Letters

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