Here we list the Gods that are relevant to the story and the player characters. They are listed under the respective pantheons to which they belong. You are all welcome and encouraged to link to your patron Gods and describe what you think they are like. But know that I may decide not to live up to the description you give of them here, should I find occasion to play them in game. – Drokles

Slavic and Soviet Gods

The Slavic pantheon has never had many worshippers. It is believed that most of the mythology has been borrowed from the Vikings who were passing through and settling down throughout Eastern Europe in the middle ages, and therefore the Gods were shaped much like the Norse Gods, and they never gained many followers.
In the beginning there were only Perun, Jarilo, Krsnik, Triglav and Svantevit, but the East was always touched in some way by Rod, and Triglav and Svantevit were said to have succumbed to Rod’s influence and were reduced to being his avatars. It is not certain how they split into the myriad of Gods that are seen today, but some Gods say it was a rebellion against Rod.
The Slavic Gods are often seen as weak because the way they came into existence, but they are survivors. Unlike other Gods they have never grown as accustomed to praise and prayer in abundance and are therefore less susceptible to fate bonding and less dependent on it.

Perun – Main God of the Slavic pantheon, very reminiscent of Thor

Jarilo – God of War

Krsnik – God of Civilization

Triglav t – Ancient God of Creation who divided into three other Gods – Svarog, Veles and another unnamed God who split into the two Gods – Dievas and Marzanna.

Svarog – Sun God

Veles – God of Death infamous for his rebellious attitude towards Perun

Dievas – God of Spirit

Marzanna – God of Earth

Svantevit t – Ancient God of the People who, like Triglav, split into three other Gods – Zislbog, Poerewit, Belobog and Chernobog

Zislbog – God of the Moon

Poerewit – God of the Forests

Belobog – Good God

Chernobog – Evil God

The Citizen – The celestial manifestation of Lenin’s ideas. The Citizen is of the Soviet Pantheon and is said to be under heavy influence of the titan Rod.

Decades ago, some time after the October Revolution, some of the Gods chose to band together with The Citizen to form what is now called the Soviet Pantheon. In particular Veles who has always been a rival of Perun was eager to band together with the Citizen.
The Slavic Pantheon is weak compared to the Soviet. Some Gods have gone into hiding because they fear what will happen if they are currupted by Rod, but others still try to resist the Soviet pantheon. As for Rod, one can only guess that he was in some way opposed to the splitting of pantheons since division is his antithesis, even though the Soviet Pantheon does suit his needs and fundamental urges better than the Slavic. But perhaps this is a neccessary sacrifice in his master plan. He is not directly pulling the strings in the Soviet Pantheon but most gods there are influenced heavily by him.


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