The perfect plan


Gives access to the War purview


“The perfect plan” also known as “the perfect strategy” was created by Bjørn Thyrson, a viking chief from northern part of what is today Norway. Today no one knows exactly what the plan entailed but by following it he became incredibly succesful in battle and started conquering most of Norway Finland and Sweden. At First the Gods marveled at his progress and helped him. Bjørn had the plan beaten on to a sheet of gold so he would never forget it. But the gods soon started to fear this mortal who seemed to be able to conquer anything, and with every victory his army grew now counting tens of thousands, wouldn’t he eventually lead his armies in an attack on Asgard itself. And so the Gods planned to take it from him. First they tried to buy it with gifts but he wouldn’t sell it, then Freya tried to bed him in the hope he in the moment of passion would promise it to her but he wouldn’t let her enter his tent. Then Loki tried to steal it by changing his shape to a falcon but the archers shot so he had to flee. In the end Tyr was the one who collected it by challenging him to a duel. Despite all the success the plan had given him it was of no help when he had none to lead. Tyr killed him in a single blow.

For a time the plan was placed in Tyrs hall. But the other gods demanded it destroyed so Tyr would not sieze power in Asgaard. The plate was rolled up and covered in iron mixed with a piece of the foundation of the earth so that non one would ever read it again.

Today the plan looks like a solid iron cylinder 2’’ high and 1’’ in diameter. it has been fitted onto a string to work as a amulet. No one is able to read the plan but from time to time words apear on the sides of the cylinder.

The perfect plan

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