Armor of Koschei the Deathless

Armor of the Late Mongol War Hero Koschei


4-dot Relic (2-dot enhancement, 2-dot unique power)
Koschei’s armor really feels strange to wear. It’s lighter than it seems and provides good protection from melee weapons, it is however not bulletproof. When you put on the armor you start feeling the joy of battle, the tingling in your finger that wants you to draw a weapon and attack something.
The armor has an extra +2A soak and the unique power Rebuttal.

Base Type
Lamellar armor
(Houserule: Mobility Penalty for lamellar armor is only -1)


Mobility Penalty


If you are wearing the Armor and someone is attacking you, you can choose to spend one legend and move your next turn to the current tick, but if you do so you must spend that turn attacking the character that is attacking you.


A lamellar armor made from hardened leather and steel, this is the armor that Koschei wore in life in the pre Genghis Khan era. Through his display of amazing fighting capability he became the chieftan of a small tribe whose warriors he led into battle. His skill was legendary for a time. Then he died – it is not certain how – and was resurrected at a price. As he returned from death he found his body slowly decaying eventually becoming a skeleton wrapped in droopy skin, but at the same time his bodily desires only kept growing. It is said that he still roams the earth pleasuring himself with food, women and recreational drugs. Whatever happened to his old tribe played little role in the formation of the Mongolian Empire, and Koschei has not left much of a mark on history either.
It is said that to kill Koschei you must destroy the egg that contains his soul, but no one knows where it is. A scion of Perun once came close, but only managed to burn his body, after which Koschei reappeared later to have his revenge.

Armor of Koschei the Deathless

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