"Retreat, The eksplosion killed Vladimir. Wait what is that walking out of the crater"



The Scion with this Boon possesses such a tactically sharp and combat-ready mind that she is virtually impossible to head off once she enters battle. She adds her total number of War Boons to her Join Battle roll as automatic successes, making her an immediate force to be reckoned with in any conflict.

Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Perception + Politics
By looking at the deployment, arrangement and equipment of enemy troops, the Scion with this Boon may instantly assess their commander’s strategy, applying her instinctive grasp of tactics to learn his every plan. By spending the requisite cost and inspecting enemy troops or formations (through a telescope, video recording or some other means of seeing them is fine), the Scion may immediately gain complete understanding of how well the troops are equipped and rationed, how long a campaign they are supplied for, whether or not there are more troops waiting to take the field (as an ambush, pincer attack or simply reinforcements), and what the enemy commander’s social Attributes, Epic Attributes, Presence and Command scores are in relation to her own. The enemy commander rolls Manipulation + Command to resist the Scion’s attempts to glean this information; if he or she is successful, his or her strategy is too labyrinthine and canny even for the Scion to grasp, and she gains no information from her attempt.

The Scion is immune to the effects of cold and frost, at home in the most glacial of climates and conditions.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
The Scions of the Aesir are descended from the jotun giants of old, and that wild and prodigious blood still runs in their veins. The Scion with this Boon gains one permanent additional health box (-4) from her innate hardiness, and may buy one dot of both Strength and Stamina higher than would normally be allowed by her Legend.

As his Legend grows, so the Scion with this Boon grows into his giant heritage. He is exceptionally strong and hardy, even for a godling; he gains one permanent phantom point of both Strength and Stamina, which he adds to all pertinent rolls but does not count for purposes of buying up to his maximum. In addition, his giant-blood begins to warp him physically, causing him to grow ten percent larger than his original size.

The Scion with this Knack proceeds into combat on the strength of his intelligence and ability to plan alone, rather than relying on the crutch of reflexes. He may substitute his Intelligence for his Wits when rolling to Join Battle (unless he is successfully surprised).

Like the javelin-throwers of ancient Greece, the Scion with this Knack knows how to put her power behind an object to make it fly into the distance. She may double the normal distance she is able to hurl any object.

Prerequisite: None
Cost: 1 Legend per scene
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Knack has learned to harness the toughness inherent in his divine ichor. If he chooses to spend the Legend cost, he may cause his ichor to flow over his body from within, creating a flexible second skin of armor in order to protect himself. This armor adds the Scion’s dots of Epic Stamina to his bashing and lethal soaks; as the armor is a manifestation of the Scion’s divine heritage, it is typically different in appearance for each Scion.

Prerequisite: None
Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
By giving a short inspirational speech or encouraging monologue, the Scion with this Knack may fill her listeners with a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Any mortal she wishes who is actively listening to her recitation regains one point of Willpower (though this may not increase anyone’s Willpower pool past their usual maximum); listeners must also be able to speak the same language or otherwise understand the Scion’s speech in order to benefit from it.


Heart valve of eternal ice
The perfect plan



Agnes Thorstad was born on 5 January 1923, only child of Hilda and HenryThorstad, in the small town of Alta in the Finnmark in the far north of Norway. In 1939 at the outbreak of the winter war, she chose to follow her cousins who went to Finland to fight. After having lied about her age she gets a job as anurse. In the last days of the war, she meets a handsome Norwegian soldier named Tyrmod. Who has come to help the Finns in the war. During the week they had together, she fell madly in love with him. They ended up keeping each other warm in the cold Finnish winter. At the war’s last day Thor rushed away with a unit of Finnish soldiers and freedom fighters, only two came back and would not tell anything about what happened.
Agnes was now planning to go home. But before she got the the oppertunity, she discovered that she had become pregnant. Because of the shame she could not bring herself to go home, and instead got a job as a seamstress. She settled down with her son in a small town near the Finnish-Soviet border. They lived for nine years until Agnes dies. After his mother death Amund was sent home to his grandparents up in Norway. Amund grows up to become a brawler in an attempt to defend his mother’s honor against his peers and their parents who have their own ideas about how Agnes became pregnant
His grandfather thought him how to work hard and the boys at the school tought him how to beat the living daylights out of them. By the time he was tired of the small town slander and the constant gossip on the nature of his conception so he chose to move to Finland where he seigned up to become a officer with the Finnish army..


Amund had been walking for days the Siberian Tundra was a cold and unwelcoming place. He had had nothing but a handful of berries to eat since he left the camp. He was finally free of that wretched place just to die in the wilderness. But his hope had been stirred earlier that day he had seen the tracks of children he had lost the trail in the weather but it meant that a village or at least a farm was nearby. He stumbled in to a corpse of trees to find a wounded hare laying on the ground he reached for his shiv and gutted the animal not wasting time to cook the meat he tore in to the meat. He didn’t hear it approaching, he was too occupied by eating his hare that he didn’t realize it was there before it had entered the clearing. He stared it into the eyes, a giant wolf the seize of a horse was standing their 10 meters away from him snarling. His first reaction was to flee but the beast would catch up to him in no time. Maybe the hare could be used as a distraction but the Wolf wouldn’t be deterred by the small carcass for long, but it was his only choice he was already reaching for the carcass when he remembered the childrens footprint in the snow if he ran now the animal might catch an innocent child. He didn’t know why he did it but he had to protect those people, he graped the shiv and threw himself at the beast, they fought its other roaring but Amund was fighting a losing battle against the monster. He knew that he was doomed, and went for the only option he could think of to open himself up for an attack and use the animals lunge to give it a mortal wound. It all happened in a

Life after the visitation

Since his visitation Amund has been traveling the soviet union, trying to upset the cabbage-cart.
he has mostly done so by creating rebel groups and using them staging low level terrorist acts and general guerrilla warfare. His largest missions to date was the stealing a supply convoy, and the blowing up of a nuclear power plant, The later by a request from his father.

KGB Files


The first thing you notice about Amund is his incredible size, even though he a good natured guy hes appearance is awe inspiring, standing 2,2 m tall he is able to overshadow even the tallest of men.


Amund is generaly a good natured guy, a loving bear of a man. But there is more to him than meets the eye, when he faces adversity or is irritated the anger of his titan forefathers role through his blood and he all of a sudden becomes the terror his stature would suggest.
Soviet Russia has made the terrible mistake of making an enemy of him and has already tasted part of his revenge, he will ally with anyone who will help him tear down the tyranny of the masses.
But his allies should be wary he would turn on them in a second if it would help the course, and has done it several times, they are just tools. Whether he would do it to his new found Scion companions who are almost his equals is still to be seen.

Skriv nu en udførlig biografi til din character. I har alle sammen fortalt hvor de er fra og hvad de har lavet tidligere hvilket også skal med her. Men nu vil jeg gerne have I også tænker over hvem Jeres character er. Giv os andre en fornemmelse for hans personlige træk, og hvad han tænker på. Giv også en beskrivelse af vigtige, guddommelige træk, der afspejler hans virtues. Giv også en beskrivelse af hans relics og hvorfor de er fantastiske og unikke. Når du har skrevet alt dette ned, skriv da en kort sætning under ‘quick description’, der fanger noget bestemt karakteristisk ved lige præcis din character. Det kan være noget nogen har sagt om ham, noget han selv har sagt, eller en beskrivende sætning såsom ‘Helten, hvis hjerte er koldt som stål, men blødt som smør’. (++ exp.)


The Vagaries of Unity Debel