The Vagaries of Unity

The Story so Far

Where three hardened wanderers reunite...

One cold morning in a little village in south Siberia, three men from foreign lands arrive, ignorant of the role they are to play in history. It is spring in the year 1973 and Brezhnev is in power in the Soviet Union. The Titans have escaped from their prison in the Underworld and are siring their spawn in a World where the worship of Gods is declining steadily. In times like these it is not a coincidence, that three Scions meet. These guys have met before anyway and know that they can depend upon each other to act when it is needed.
What does Fate have in store for them?

The Chests and the Bandits

Our Heroes take care of a group of bandits who have stolen a brass chest from the farmer Fjodor. In order to do so they meet Grigorij, who tells them about the chest and how they were expected to show up and get it. The gang, led by Dmitri, have a little hideout in the resort area in the mountains. The Heroes go there and smash them up and are attacked by a giant wooden chest (who turns out to be a titan spawn), which they also smash to pieces. From the wooden rubble they recover a magical key which they use to open the brass chest.

Meeting Baba Yaga

The heroes bring the skull torch they found in the chest with them as they attempt to hunt down some of the bandits who escaped. After rounding a few of them up they find their way to Baba Yaga‘s hut in the dark forest. She rewards them with three pouches of salt for having correctly answered the knights’ riddles and tells them about the Gods, both new and old. She tells them about the agents of Rod and the radio station that keeps buzzing.



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