The Vagaries of Unity

The lower levels

"like something straight out of the scary movie textbook"

The silence of the research facility was overwhelming giving the hammering the three scion with a immense feeling of foreboding, what would be hiding around the next corner? why had they still not meet anybody having searched the entire ground and second floor now standing on the top steps of the stairs leading down into the levels below a small sense of fear reared its head, alien to all three of them, acostumed to standing taller than their fellow men. They descended into the dark bowels of this strange futuristic beast nested in a none existing city.

The only lights those of their torches sweeping their cones of light across the bare walls of the empty halls. they quickly found what seemed to be the living quarters of several scientist containing some personal effects including letters.

After a cursory reading they left the rooms and showers and moved into the hall when something gleamed red on the ground a streak of blood across the floor then a small puddle by the door, when opening the door they found the infermery splattered in blood and gore, one of the poor scientist ripped apart on the floor



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