The Vagaries of Unity

The Closed City

Where Hell has descended upon a particular research institute

After having tracked the signal from the buzzing radio station the Heroes, following Grigorij, come to a very strange place. A huge fence stretching out very far encloses the city. The only road going in there is guarded and open only to authorized personell. After some initial trouble getting inside and splitting up in different directions, the Heroes find an electronics salesman who they convince to help them track down the signal. They then suddenly hear the buzz interrupted by a message.

A Strange Facility

The Heroes manage to pin point the source of the Buzzing to a fenced in facility in a park somewhere in the city. After staking it out for a few days they suddenly see some commotion inside the park. The two guards who have been standing near the entrance of the fence suddenly get a call on their radios and rush inside the facility. Inside the facility the Heroes find the source of the buzzing, a machine is generating the noise that gets transmitted through an antenna mast at the top of the facility. They manage to decode the message and find additional clues as to what is going on through letters and notes written by researchers at the facility. Going down into the basement they find the mutilated corpses of several researchers and the reptilian monsters who are seemingly responsible.


Drokles Drokles

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