Note from the DM:
This game takes place in Soviet Russia. As such I try to keep an eye out for historical facts, and try to figure out how life was back then and what constitutes a “likely scenario” from back then. Needless to say, I am destined to muck it up a great deal, since I just don’t know all of that. So any hypothetical outside readers of these stories, please keep in mind that the setting is subject to my interpretation of Soviet Russia, and I am open to being corrected on any number of points (just don’t expect there to be any in game changes). This reminds me. I know that Arkhangelsk is actually a real city and that it is pretty big, but I mistakenly called our little village that during our first session, and we’ve been rolling with it ever since.
- Drokles

The Vagaries of Unity

Debel Darlien Thorup1